MAY 2020: Charter Schools

MAY 2020: Charter Schools

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TOPIC: Charter Schools


A charter school is an independent educational resource for a community that is still publicly funded. It can be established by a community group, an organization of parents, of a group of teachers, but must follow the terms of a charter that are dictated by local, regional, or national authorities or oversight groups. They are often called a “school of choice” because parents can opt to send their children to a charter school instead of their assigned public school. The benefit of a charter school [education] is that it operates outside of the regulations that in-district schools are forced to follow. They are still accountable for academic results and must prove evidence of their performance capabilities. Being able to operate outside of the regulations can also be a disadvantage as it reduces the amount of oversight that may be in place for the school. Guide to Understanding the Charter School Debate (Public School Review, April 18, 2019)


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[Optional: Worthy of your time] Changing Education Paradigms,
RSA Animate, October 14, 2010 [12 min]
Note: Most students report that they really enjoyed this animated video about education killing creativity in students.


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