Humanity & Literature, Poetry

An English class offers students with opportunity to familiarize and experience different genres of classical literatures and writing. Through intense discussions that promote critical thinking students will gain solid foundations for later advanced English classes, such as AP English and even college English courses. The class is a chance to enhance cultural familiarity and discover important themes, values and lessons of humanity embedded in classical literature.


Through the analysis of rhetorical and literary devices presented in various forms of writing, students will infer the possible purposes of the author. The assignments of students will require an in-depth analysis of different rhetorical and literary devices in addition to their applications in the corresponding society in which the author lived.


Perhaps the most introductory yet the most important class- this class teaches students how to be more efficient writers through correct grammar and the usage of most appropriate vocabulary. Various styles of writing, including persuasive, informative, and analysis, will be covered. Students will discover their own unique style of writing and improve upon it.

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