Speech & Debate Forms

Current forms/outlines for writing effective speeches…

Taking Notes: Flow Sheet (Basic, May 2018)  
Utilizes the ‘Flow Sheet’ method of tracking debate arguments and rebuttals.

Writing Evidence: Evidence (TSFC, May 2018)  
Utilizes the T-S-F-C method of evidence writing and organization (LD = TS-Q-FC).

Asking & Answering Questions: Questions & Answers (Crossfire, May 2018)  
Utilizing an ‘evidence-based’ engagement… Cross-Examination, Crossfire & POI.

Creating an Introduction: Introductions (Basic, May 2018)  
Utilizes a ‘Credibility’ method of attention gaining.

Writing Powerful Arguments: Arguments (SEE-IT, May 2018)  
Utilizes “SEE-IT” a variation of the Paul-Elder ‘Critical-Thinking’ organization model.

Making Rebuttals: Rebuttals (4-Step Refutation, May 2018)  
Utilizes the ‘4-Step Refutation’ organization model (Repeat-Refute-Replace!).

Making Rejoinders: Rejoinders (3 R’s, May 2018)  
Utilizes the 3 R’s “Review-Reinforce-Remind”.

Weighing “Voting” Issues: Voting Issues (3 C’s, May 2018)  
Utilizes the ‘3 C’s “Choose-Convince-Compare”.

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