The Algebra I course at Magnet takes a more traditional and rigorous approach to introductory Algebra. While public school districts integrate Common Core State Standards into their curriculum, we can go deeper and provide a more intensive analysis of mathematical principles to challenge our students. Key concepts will include equations, inequalities, systems of equations, systems of inequalities, relations, absolute value, exponents, functions, linear functions, parabolas, radical equations, quadratic functions, factoring, polynomials, graphing, rational expressions, and probability.


Students who enroll in an Algebra II class at Magnet have ideally completed or is in the process of a geometry class. The class will emphasize critical thinking and problem solving abilities with a full integration of all concepts covered in Algebra I (see above for list of topics). In addition to a more in depth analysis of the Algebra I topics, Algebra II key concepts include exponential functions, logarithmic functions, polynomial functions, rational functions, complex numbers, introduction to trigonometry, circles, sequences, series, summations, and probability.


Our Pre-Calculus course is designed to rigorously prepare students for a Calculus BC AP class. Consequently, this course is designed to be challenging for all students and ensure a smooth transition into a Calculus class. Key concepts for this class includes an in depth analysis of all Algebra II concepts in addition to trigonometry, conic sections, vectors, polar coordinates, polar equations, matrices, limits, continuity, partial fractions, and trigonometry (yes, it is on here twice!).


While Calculus BC seems like an intimidating class, most students find the concepts to be intuitive and fascinating. Almost all career paths benefit from an understanding of Calculus, and a Calculus BC class can set a strong foundation for all mathematics in the future. The course is designed to over prepare students for the Calculus BC AP exam in order to best guarantee the maximum score of 5. Consequently, students will learn useful topics that go even beyond a traditional Calculus BC curriculum. The primary goal of this class is to open the student’s mind and thus create a greater appreciation for mathematics.


We offer SAT preparation in both the Mathematics portion of the SAT and the Mathematics Level 2 SAT Subject test.


If none of the courses listed above are relevant to you, you can schedule private tutoring sessions with our mathematics instructor. Private sessions can be made to help students better perform in their school classes, or they can be made to learn any mathematics subject at their own pace. These sessions can be made available upon request. Please contact us with any specific requests.

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