Impromptu speaking is an individual speaking event that empowers students to feel comfortable speaking in front of audiences in an off-the-cuff setting. Whether this setting is in the classroom or even in front of future employers, this serves as a necessary skill for making a strong impression or lasting interpersonal relationship. Students will develop their skills in communication and acquire the ability to present ideas and information in a clear, concise, and coherent manner. In this classroom setting, students will be able to interact with their peers and provide constructive responses to each other’s speeches aiding both their personal growth and that of their classmates. Speeches are given with limited preparation which immediately moves into five minutes of speaking. The goal is to teach students to prepare their arguments or information they wish to convey in two minutes and present a well-structured and organized speech. This class teaches students to grapple with larger concepts and enable them to use critical thinking skills to persuade or interact with their audience.


Extemporaneous speaking is an individual speaking event that encourages students to gain a wealth of knowledge on key topic areas and present a coherent argument to inform and persuade their audiences. As a primarily research-based event, students will learn to analyze and criticize articles and web-based media sources in order to construct a well-organized speech to argue a position based on research. These speeches are also limited in preparation time and allow students to speak for seven minutes. The method of research focuses on teaching and enabling students to think critically and become informed about the world around them. This degree of analysis is incredibly important today given the recent debates over what is and is not “real” news. Extemporaneous speaking is also helpful for those interested in world issues including students in debate, as it provides them with a much more individual yet highly educational outlet for them to expand their knowledge further.

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