It can be paid by check, credit card, and cash up front. The credit card authorization form is available for automatic payments.

Refunds will not be made with any reason, if you want to drop the class mid-session, the remaining classes can be refunded for class credits, which can be used to enroll in other classes.

Students can come in to make up their absence in the same week. If students cannot make it, they are expected to complete the missed homework.

  • Credit will only be issued for classes missed due to SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (with proof of the event from school) or family vacation DURING THE BREAK.
  • All other absences must be made up within the month.
  • Tuition is for the registered class only and does not extend to the specifics of the individual classes.

Students should bring their homework. For debate classes, students should bring a laptop to do research.

Yes, referrals should be notified upon registration. No referral credit will be issued if it is notified after registrations.

The online registration is available on the website and parents can register at the academy.

Whenever students are ready. We encourage the students to participate as soon as they are able to.

Yes. There will be a certain fee depending on the tournament. If parents are willing to judge at the tournament, the fee will be discounted.

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